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Backed up by the Artes Group

CAAAP is part of the Artes Group: a standard bearer in the field of construction, restoration, civil engineering and water infrastructure. By combining both developer and contractor in one group, we can guarantee a smooth progression of the construction work. The Artes Group comprises a variety of construction companies, each with its own specialisation: Artes Depret, Artes Roegiers, Artes TWT, Artes Prefab and Artes Woudenberg.

Artes Constructive People2

Constructive People

People are what matters at Artes, too. The real building blocks of the business aren’t the bricks, but the employees. It is a major added value for us as a project developer to be able to work with the Constructive People at Artes, both in terms of knowledge and experience and also in terms of staffing and materials.

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