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Reference Cases

As an experienced project developer, we have already developed a substantial number of sites into places with added value for people and the surroundings. From a complex inner-city new construction project to a conversion project with an emphasis on heritage.

  • 't Groen Kwartier


    ’t Groen Kwartier is the redevelopment of the former Military Hospital of Antwerp. A new, green, car-free oasis of almost...

  • Military Hospital Ostend


    The historic site of the Military Hospital of Ostend forms the backbone of a new, lively area of the city...

  • Wisselkouter


    Wisselkouter is a unique residential project surrounded by the greenery of a brand-new park in the heart of Merelbeke. ...

  • De Brouwerij


    The industrial site of the former De Arend brewery in Kortemark has been made into a lively new courtyard.

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  • Zennepark


    Contemporary and comfortable living in the centre of Halle

  • Picanol


    This PPP project is the engine driving the development of the whole surrounding area, which is set to become part...

  • MuseumBoulevard


    The Dansaert area of the city is an area of fascinating architecture and many historic buildings. Today, they are the...