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Creators of triple—A places

CAAAP stands for Creators of triple-A Places The three As define our projects, but they say just as much about what we stand for as a project developer: Ambition, Architecture and A-team.


Inventive and future-orientated

We are dedicated and ambitious. We bring our creativity to the table to help shape the city of the future. To us, that means much more than sustainable and energy-efficient construction. Each project is a search for the perfect interaction between the new buildings, the people and the surroundings. To achieve that interaction, you need courage and inventiveness. This is why we continuously challenge ourselves to do better. To look at the surroundings with an open mind and interpret them creatively. We make neighbourhoods flourish with our refreshing designs.


Progressive with attention to the environment

Ons gedreven team werkt graag aan een project met stedenbouwkundigen en toparchitecten uit binnen- en buitenland. Samen met hen kijken we verder dan architectuur alleen.

Our driven team works on projects enthusiastically with town planners and leading architects both from Belgium and from elsewhere. Together with them, we look beyond architecture alone.

We develop a masterplan to create buildings that not only fit perfectly into the surroundings but actually enhance them. In that plan, pioneering architecture and consideration for public spaces go hand-in-hand. We are passionate about restoration and renovation projects that give a new identity to a whole neighbourhood.


Dedicated and competent

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated team can be approached directly by all the stakeholders. We are customer-focussed and flexible: we develop projects for people. As Dedicated Developers, we are joining forces with the Constructive People at Artes to form an even stronger construction team: from development and construction to delivery and sale.