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We are building towards a sustainable future, for and with people. As a pioneer in public-private partnerships, we often join forces with various different parties to find the most creative solutions. This is how we create unique places that breathe oxygen into the city.

  • Kaai City


    A sustainable place between city and nature. Where young and old come together, where people live and experience, where you...

  • De Nieuwe Dokken


    Northern Ghent is being refreshed with 400 new apartments and houses for Ghent people of all ages. A neighbourhood needs...

  • Het Academisch Kwartier


    Together with META architecture firm, BOB361 architects, Callebaut architects and Okra landscape architects, CAAAP is breathing new life into the...

  • Hoost


    Just 300 metres away from the sea, the unique residential project Hoost is taking shape. The project is unprecedented in...

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  • Gulden Roos


    A modern variation of a cosy Bruges residential area with its little squares and alleyways

Reference Cases

As an experienced project developer, we have already developed a substantial number of sites into places with added value for people and the surroundings. From a complex inner-city new construction project to a conversion project with an emphasis on heritage.

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