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Dedicated Developers

Our employees are our greatest asset.

We have the advantage of being able to collaborate within the Artes Group with a team of experts. Our knowledge of project development and architecture, with the know-how of Artes, makes for a golden combination. Our Dedicated Developers therefore dovetail perfectly with the Constructive People.

Are you interested in joining our team of Dedicated Developers?

Take a look at our vacancies Take a look at our vacancies

Team members

  • Vh03 V2

    Lode Waes

    Director - Expert
  • Matthias

    Matthias Hoornaert

    General Manager
  • Vh12

    Petra Parmentier

    Project Execution Director
  • Ward website

    Ward Callebaut

    Director Techniques
  • Karel website

    Karel Baert

    Project Manager Techniques
  • Vh21

    Stefanie Bernard

    Development Project Manager
  • Vh11

    Frederic Vandeputte

    Development Director
  • Vh07 V2

    Joris Van Gestel

    Project Manager Development
  • Vh10 V2

    Ilse De Saegher

    Project Manager Development
  • Caaap 35

    Jonas Vanhauter

    Business Developer
  • Vh18

    Yana De Meuter

    Project developer
  • Hannah Website 2

    Hannah Hongenaert

    Business Developer
  • Lotte Website

    Lotte Verduyckt

    Project developer
  • Brecht website

    Brecht Bergs

    Junior Project developer
  • Vh13 V2

    Maarten Sabbe

    Project Execution Manager
  • Jaume Website

    Jaume Meykens

    Project Execution Manager
  • Isabeau Website

    Isabeau Coppens

    Project Execution Manager
  • Eline website

    Eline Van Hoeydonck

    Junior Project Execution Manager
  • Gfo

    Gianni Fostier

  • Vh17 V2

    Wendy Wambacq

    Sales Team Coordinator
  • Annelies website

    Annelies Desmet

    Sales Support
  • Dimi website

    Dimitri Ongenaet

  • Stanislas Website

    Stanislas De Witte

  • Jo website

    Jo De Landtsheer

  • Vh26

    Lieselot Vandemaele

    Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Isabelle website

    Isabelle Dewilde

    Marketing campaign officer
  • Vh28

    Michaël Segers

    Digital Marketeer
  • Vh15 V2

    Marjan Tack

    Head of Interior Coordination
  • Vh16

    Lies Ghys

    Interior coordinator
  • Hafida website

    Hafida Badou

    Interior coordinator
  • Asc

    Aurelie Schotte

    Assistentant Interior Coordinator
  • Baptiste Website

    Baptiste Margodt

    Interior coordinator
  • Ellen Website

    Ellen De Roo

    Interior Coordinator
  • Vh27 V2

    Franciska Deforche

  • Vh14

    David Vanbesien

    Finance and Administration Director
  • Vh23

    Julie Van de Velde

  • Barbara Website

    Barbara De Grave

    Real Estate Lawyer
  • Helena Website

    Helena Taelman

    Reception and administration