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Temporary uses

It is part of CAAAP’s DNA to develop lively places where people want to live and spend time. To build greater support for the forthcoming residential project and to make optimal use of the empty or derelict buildings, we are keen as a project developer to partner with temporary uses to bring the site back to life and make neighbours aware of the new, forthcoming project.

Temporary, yet forever

A large number of creative entrepreneurs have already taken up residence in forthcoming CAAAP projects. All of them successful projects that temporarily make an impression forever.

Yellow Sky, a successful brunch concept in Zwevegem

“CAAAP contacted us to find a creative use for the commercial spaces at Leanderhof. It immediately appealed to us to do something fun and cool in Zwevegem. Not least because we live close to the site. Our original idea was to raise the profile of our web shop www.yellowsky.shop among a wider audience by putting all the products on show in a physical shop. But we soon came upon a more ambitious idea. Why not combine the shop with a brunch bar? We love to have a long drawn-out breakfast at the weekend.

  • Dageraad and Julien, managers of the Yellow Sky business

"The combination of the opportunity CAAAP gave us by offering the spacious accommodation, enthusiastic customers and the central location made this into a real success story for us.”

Lokaalmarkt, rooted in the neighbourhood

A number of Lokaalmarkt sites have now opened all over Flanders. These covered markets continue to open their doors every Friday or Saturday and welcome local farmers, stallholders and keen shoppers every week.

One of these was held for a year in the former County Hall building in Sint-Andries (Bruges). This is where the new residential project Abdijbeke is being created. Sjarel Buysschaert, one of the founders of Lokaalmarkt is pleased with how the partnership went!

“Everything went very smoothly. Our volunteers, local residents and stallholders came here every week with enthusiasm and a smile. We have now set up many other sites around Flanders, but here in the former Provinciehuis building it was striking to see how committed the locals were to the repurposing of this site. From the very beginning, we had a lot of “early believers” and many visitors dropping in.

The partnership with CAAAP was itself a massive source of support for us, too. We always had open and effective communication right from the start. We collaborated on how to lay out the market and fresh ideas were brought to the table. The human contact with the CAAAP team was a substantial added value and gave us real support. Thank you!”

A unique location calls for unique experiences.

Pand 365, a fashionable place to meet in the heart of Halle

The former Belgacom building in Halle has for almost two years been a new nesting ground for creatives looking for freedom.

With Pand 365 and the number of different spaces in the old buildings, its founder Tomhas chiefly wanted to offer a platform for young artists, performers, musicians and so on. There were, for example, regular DJ sets at the weekend or yoga sessions in the larger rooms. In addition to these, they also held a variety of flea markets and parties and installed a full-scale escape room.


De Nieuwe Dokken - DOK, creative nesting place in the north of Ghent

DOK was a temporary use for a derelict site in the Oude Dokken awaiting the construction of the New Docks residential project. After 8 years as a vibrant and inspiring meeting place in Ghent, DOK permanently closed on 29 September 2019. This also signalled the start of the second construction phase of this sustainable residential project.

Discover more about the project at www.denieuwedokken.be.

KOER in Bruges

In summer 2020, in Bruges a summer bar called KOER opened its door and welcomed the people of that fine city into the back garden of Gulden Roos, one of CAAAP’s latest developments.

KOER was a place of rest in the city centre where people could get together, connect and, most of all, enjoy themselves. It was a space for conviviality and artistic expression.

DO vzw, the business that brought the KOER concept to life, then moved on to the adjacent property on Gulden-Vlieslaan. The property was converted into a creative hotspot with workshops providing a platform for a saxophone maker, a music producer, a video studio and others.


Kopje Zwam: Urban Farming in former buildings of a natural stone company

A few years ago, CAAAP acquired the site of the Lanssens natural stone company in Bruges. On this site, alongside the ring road around Bruges, CAAAP is going to redevelop the grey area into a new focal point. Pending the planning permission and construction of these new buildings, CAAAP is offering the empty buildings to Kopje Zwam, an urban farming business from Bruges. This unique business grows oyster mushrooms and microgreens on coffee grounds.