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High-quality outdoor space in the heart of town

Publication date 21 April 2020

Now that we are all staying home, we are looking more than ever for peace, quiet and greenery in our immediate surroundings. Walks and cycle rides have been a central part of our leisure time. For those who live outside the city centre, it is that bit easier to find high-quality open space close to home. For the city-dwellers among us, it’s another story.

Groen Kwartier Gazon

Neighbourhoods in bloom

As an inner-city project developer, we always focus strongly on high-quality, public outdoor space when designing our projects. With care and respect for the existing surroundings, we create new buildings that seamlessly integrate into the area and make it bloom.

High-quality outdoor space: more than just “ornamental greenery”

A few projects that stand out in this context are ‘t Groen Kwartier in Antwerp, De Nieuwe Dokken in Ghent and Leanderhof in Zwevegem. These projects allow you to live in the city and at the same time experience the peace and space around you.

First of all, we ensure that each home has a spacious terrace with good sun orientation. A lot of effort goes into the environmental design so the view from the terrace is characterised by “green” and “peace”, too. But this goes far beyond a bit of “ornamental greenery”...

Leanderhof Weide Nieuw
Dnd Bijoux Terras

A pearl in the city: The Green Quarter - (‘t Groen Kwartier)

’t Groen Kwartier has now become one of the most important open spaces in the city of Antwerp. The site is cultural heritage and still exudes the past. Convivial shared lawn areas are interspersed with smart, quiet paths for pedestrians and cyclists, providing easy links between the different areas of the city. It is a living neighbourhood where you can easily enjoy a nice walk or cycle ride outdoors even when you have to stay home.

Convivial shared lawn areas are interspersed with smart, quiet paths for pedestrians and cyclists

De Nieuwe Dokken

De Nieuwe Dokken in Ghent is called “the sustainable neighbourhood of the future”, and it’s no coincidence. The site, within walking distance of public transport, is mostly low-traffic where much effort is going into car-sharing. There are stunning views over the water and the city from every terrace. Plus, you can also go for longer walks along the pleasant quayside.

The second phase of this project is currently being built and will be surrounded by two new parks. Additionally, in the middle area between the new buildings you will find a collective vegetable garden, around which there will be a path running through De Nieuwe Dokken, with several places along it where you can rest or where children can play.

Between the buildings, the garden will be connected to the surrounding area by paths and semi-surfaced roads. The gradually rising stepped shape of the building allows the residents and the central garden to both enjoy sunshine. Here you can create your own green oasis of peace close to the city centre.

Here you can create your own green oasis of peace close to the city centre.


This new site in Zwevegem is located within walking distance of the village centre with all amenities nearby. Even during lockdown, you can find absolute peace and quiet, as the car-free Pioniersplein area serves as a buffer between the new buildings and the road. Plus, the new Guldensporenpad cycling superhighway weaves through this new neighbourhood, allowing you, perhaps with your partner or family, to easily start and finish a cycle ride right outside your door.

The second phase of this project is currently being built. Two new architectural buildings will be surrounded by a substantial and entirely newly created flower meadow... The ideal place for your children or grandchildren to romp around, to unwind on a bench or to take a walk around the place you call home.

These three projects are just a few examples of our goal to develop neighbourhoods and make them bloom. Always with that extra bit of care for high-quality, public outdoor space that makes your new house a home. Somewhere you can find peace and quiet, right in the heart of town.

We make new neighbourhoods bloom with care for high-quality outdoor space