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Contemporary and comfortable living in the centre of Halle

Zennepark Halle Caaap Lucht

't Parkske is a residential project on a site with a rich history. In 1935, the central Colruyt was located here, but when those buildings were later demolished, we reallocated this space. In three phases, we realised about 200 flats, more than 300 parking spaces, a public inner garden and a bicycle and pedestrian bridge to the centre of Halle.

Zennepark Halle Caaap Groen


The Groebepark and the Leidepark are both located along the Bergensesteenweg in the centre of Halle. Between this Bergensesteenweg and the canal lies a unique location hidden along a meander of the Zenne. It is precisely at this spot, between town and greenery, that the Zenne Park is situated.

In the immediate vicinity, all urban amenities (restaurants, shops, banks, library, school, town hall, etc.) are within walking distance.

In and around Halle, nature is always strongly represented: to the west is the Pajottenland, to the east the famous Hallerbos, with the Zenne Valley in between.

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