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Kaai City


A sustainable place between city and nature. Where young and old come together, where people live and experience, where you can grow, for life. Kaai City brings living, studying and business together.

Kaai Living

  • comfortable one-, two-, and three-bedroom flats and penthouses
  • high level of finishing
  • spacious terraces
  • views over the River Lys

Kaai Studios

  • smart layout
  • affordable comfort
  • beautiful view

The city within a city

Studying, living and working come together in Kaai City. It is a lively neighbourhood, yet homely, thanks to its flats, studios and houses.

The city that moves

Kaai City is alive, thanks to the residents, students and entrepreneurs who provide who make for a vibrant neighbourhood. The neighbourhood also merges effortlessly with Kortrijk's urban fabric.

The city with its own power plant

The buildings of Kaai City will be heated in a sustainable way, without fossil fuels. A geothermal field will be provided for this purpose: a closed circuit of pipes in the ground. In the winter months, these pipes will extract heat from the ground and distribute it via heat pumps to the Kaai City buildings. In summer, the exact opposite will happen, allowing the buildings to be cooled. The Lys also plays an important role: thanks to a pump and filter system, heat can also be exchanged with the Lys next to Kaai City.

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